2015 Iowa Hunt

Today is the first day of my 2015 Iowa bowhunting. I will be hunting with George Wolf on his land near Osceola, Iowa. I hunted here in 2012, and took a 3 1/2 year old buck on a shortened hunt. I want to stay longer, hunt harder and be more selective this year. When I got here George and I got on the ATVs and took a tour of the property, it looked great. We even saw three mature bucks.

That evening I sat in one of George’s stands. I got there late and saw several deer on the way in. Once on stand I soon had turkeys going to roost to keep me distracted. They were so noisy that I almost missed a different cadence of the crunching of leaves. But I didn’t and I turned to see a totally relaxed buck pass by in back of me at about 20 yards. He was a nice 2 or possibly 3 year old. I got back to George’s house in total darkness. Pat had prepared a supper of bluegills that George caught last winter and we had a good visit until bedtime. I’ll give an update on the hunt tomorrow, stay tuned.