2015 Iowa Hunt Day 2

I am on stand. It is sprinkling, threatening to rain, and with a light south wind. I saw several deer on the way in, including a nice buck tending a doe. He was at least a 2 YO, but the light was low and I couldn’t see any more.

7:22: A very nice buck with tall white horns just ran by about 100 yards away down in the woods.

8:08: a nice buck, at least a 140″ deer, at least a 3 YO, just followed a hot doe in the same direction as the last buck. I tried calling them, they looked but we’re not interested.

8:39: I just got busted by a yearling buck that came up behind me, at about 15 yards. This stand requires constant vigilance for 360 degrees. I don’t want to relax and make that mistake on a big one!

10:25: Another nice buck just chased a doe down in the woods north of me, same area and going in the same direction as the last two. Same deer? Hard to say. I’m thinking about moving a stand down there.

12:00: Quit hunting and set up a new stand 25 yards deeper in the woods.

3:00: a very intense storm blew through, heavy rain & strong winds. Tornados in the area.

Evening:   I am in a new place, good for west winds. I call this place ‘bobcat trail’. A huge silver colored bobcat walked up to my stand here I 2011, the best looking bobcat I’ve ever seen.

4:50: a yearling buck walked by at 15 yards.